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Platform School Course

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Platform School is about you understanding just how powerful you are. This course was created to transform you from playing small to soaring big. Why? God has deposited so much within you that it can not continue to be hidden. You are the solution to somebody's problem in the earth. It's time to unleash that mind to the world!

This is the ultimate online course for faith-based experts who desire to turn their knowledge, story, and expertise into a business. Have you ever wondered how you could turn your genius into a successful and profitable business? Platform School teaches Christian experts how to build their own personal brand or business selling their knowledge. You can turn your knowledge into a coaching, speaking, consulting, product, or service-based business. Platform School is broken into two main focuses — teaching you the spiritual impact of using your God-given voice and teaching you the natural steps to build a knowledge-based business.

This course answers the following questions:

  • Why am I struggling with the weight and pressure of launching this business?
  • I know God has called me to sell my knowledge online, where do I start?
  • How can I push my gifts to the world with confidence and passion?
  • How do I deal with mental blocks and procrastination?
  • How do I take my skills and gifts and package them into products and services?
  • How many or what types of products and services can I offer?
  • How do I create passive and active income streams from those skills?
  • How do I identify who I should sell to and serve?

Platform School helps to answer these questions and even thoughts that you never thought about. With over 2.5 hours of training, you will leave with a game plan.

The Kingdom Expert Training - In this training you'll discover the God-given impact that knowledge-based experts. Before you dive into the physical work, you must understand the spiritual weight of using your genius to transform the world.

Kingdom Expert Workbook - Includes 15 pages of thoughtful and strategic questions to help guide you to seeing the power of your God-given calling.

Platform School Training - In this training, you'll dive into the P4 Method: The Plan, The Path, The Products, and The People. When you launch a knowledge-based business, you need all of these components in order to build a foundation for your business.

Platform School Workbook - This workbook is the ultimate resource with over 30 pages of strategic planning for your six-figure profitable business! This workbook breaks down the P4 Method into sections you can use as you expand your business.

Student's Comments During Training

  • Christina: "I learned so much from this training video of scaling my business and documentation!"
  • Brandi: "Real tears. This was truly for US. God’s hand is definitely on this."
  • Karisma: "This is clarity!"
  • Iniah: "Girl, you got me going. Im rocking back and forth. I feel the fire."
  • Delores: "Holy Spirit is here. Body hot and can't stop crying!"
  • Synquette: "This is good- it's definitely shifting my mind and thinking."
  • Renata: "This is excellent."
  • Julia: "Sooo much I’m getting from this."
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Platform School Course

0 ratings
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